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Conference & Events

IAO Collaborates with Universities, Organisations and other Associations with the theme of recent and advanced developments in the field of Medical Oncology for organizing conferences, scientific events, professional meetings and workshops.

The main focus of IAO is to make peers and wizards meet to share their experience, knowledge and researchers by organizing Conference. IAO have started its dedicated journey by organizing International Conferences and global standard events in different Institutions, Universities & conventions to provide scope for scientific interactions in the field of Medical Oncology to technically budding researchers from all across the world.

Without discrimination among developing cities remote areas, Cosmo polis and cosmopolitan cities from all over the world. IAO has organizes International Conference, Meetings, Summits at Universities booming at gross roots.

IAO will Collaborate with other Universities, Organisations and Associations for organizing Conferences, Summits, Meetings and Workshops.

Convention & Meetings

IAO offers premier scientific events for oncology professionals, patient advocates, industry representatives, and major media outlets worldwide.

IAO arranges Meetings for its members to share their research ideas and views for development in the field of Medical Oncology to meet, interact and share their creed. We are keen at organize technical convention and meeting all across the world with our experts and delegates.

Workshops & Courses

To make the next generation of active researchers IAO fosters the advancement of cancer research by supporting clinical trials workshops to inspire young oncologists from different disciplines across the globe.

The discovery of new and innovative genetic tests, targeted therapies and innovative treatment strategies can be enhanced through specific training of junior researchers in the design and methodology of clinical trials protocols. Particularly interesting are those trials with a strong translational research component that further advances the understanding of cancer as a disease.

Carefully designed clinical trials allow the prioritisation of resources and funding. They also facilitate the selection and prospective development of clinico-genomic and 'niche' clinical trials, necessary to increase the success and discovery of answers to strategically important clinical questions.

In the practice of medical oncology, the application of the principles of good clinical and laboratory practice is essential to achieve effective and measurable results that can be translated into evidence-based medicine and can directly contribute to new standards of patient care.