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IAO Ambassadors

Welcome to the Ambassadors for IAO

Your opportunity to share the value of an IAO Membership with your friends and colleagues, and receive free gifts for participating

  • Referral Form
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Recruitment Tips
  • Bonus Gifts
  • Membership Benefits

How the program works:

  1. Tell your friends, peers, and colleagues about IAO. Simply complete the IAO Ambassadors Referral Form and we'll send them a special email invitation to join IAO Professional and Student Ambassadors!
  2. You will be eligible to receive a free gift when your first referral joins, as well as an additional free gift for every other referral. Each time one of your prize-qualifying referrals joins, you will receive an email notification with an embedded link to our page of prizes. Simply select the gift you want and it will be shipped to you at no cost.

Our members are our greatest asset. Member support of IAO is critical to our continuing efforts to advance Medical Oncology.

We hope you consider becoming an Ambassador for IAO!

Referral Form

There has never been a better time to refer your colleagues to IAO!

imply complete the form below and leave the rest to us. We will send your referral an email invitation with a special offer to join IAO. You will be eligible to receive a free gift when your first referral joins, as well as an additional free gift for every other referral who joins (i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th etc.). Your referral will enjoy all of the career enhancing benefits of an IAO membership.

It's that easy! Each time a colleague you refer becomes a member of IAO, you'll receive notification and instructions on how to receive your free gift.

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Rules & Regulations

Rules for the IAO Ambassadors :

  1. The Ambassador Program for IAO is open to active IAO Professional and Student members in good standing.
  2. To receive credit for each new member, the IAO Members name and IAO Membership ID must be completed on the online referral form.
  3. A new member is officially credited to the IAO Member when the candidate is accepted for membership and dues have been received. Each IAO member will then receive an Ambassador for IAO Certificate of Recognition for his or her first candidate to join IAO.
  4. For the first new member who joins, and then every other new member thereafter (i.e. 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th) the IAO Member is eligible to receive a special free gift. For every 10 members recruited by any one member, a bonus gift is available.
  5. Two IAO members are eligible to receive Grand Prizes. A minimum of 40 points is required for Grand Prize eligibility. Points are accumulated as follows: 2 points for each new professional members, and 1 point for each new student member. The first Grand Prize winner is the IAO Member with the most referred candidates who joined IAO. The second Grand Prize winner will be randomly selected from a pool of each month's top IAO Members (excluding the IAO Member already selected for the first Grand Prize). Top monthly IAO Members are eligible only once during the Ambassadors Program year for inclusion in the pool.
  6. In the event that a candidate joins who has been referred by more than one IAO Member, prize eligibility will be assigned only once to the IAO Member associated with the specific path used by the candidate to join.
  7. Contest rules and gifts are subject to change without notice. By entering the IAO Ambassadors program, members agree that IAO's decisions are final and not open to challenge.
  8. IAO reserves the right to change or substitute the gifts offered, including IAO Membership renewal(s). No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted, except by IAO, which reserves the right to award a prize of equal or greater value if advertised prize is unavailable. Acceptance of prize constitutes permission for IAO to use winner's name and likeness for advertising, promotional and other purposes without additional compensation unless prohibited by law.
  9. If a winner cannot accept a prize within 90 days of notification, the prize will be forfeited.

Recruitment Tips

It's easy to refer a friend or colleague. Here are a few pointers to help you:

  1. Be familiar with the many benefits of an IAO Membership,
    The IAO Digital Library; IAO’s Conference Proceedings, Abstracts, free online courses and books, publications and research articles; and more!
    Visit the Member Benefits section for additional member benefit details.
    If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask. Our Member Services Department is here to help and can be reached via any of the following methods:
    Phone: +12027548501
  2. Show your enthusiasm for the Association—tell your referral about the things that have benefited you the most from IAO.
  3. Provide new recruits with the IAO website address ( so that they can visit at their convenience.
  4. Hand out the Ambassadors for IAO Professional and Student applications personally to those you'd like to refer.
  5. Find the right candidates to recruit—from friends to co-workers, employees, former employees, and fellow students—IAO membership will benefit everyone with a passion for Medical Oncology.
  6. Follow up with your referrals to see if they have joined IAO. Talk to them about the organization, and encourage them to take advantage of the special offer.
  7. Send a thank-you note or email thanking them for considering IAO membership.

Bonus Gifts

A promo code will be generated after referring. The IAO members can use this promo code for getting concession for attending the conferences and publishing research articles in IAO Journals.

Moreover, they can get access to the IAO Digital library, where a large number of research articles can be viewed. They can also get IAO T-Shirts, IAO watches, USB ports etc.